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Weaver Foundation - Georgia Mattson Memorial Shelter

To ensure that low-income homeless women and children as well as those experiencing domestic violence have a safe environment while being afforded the opportunity to seek ways to achieve health, safety, and well-being for themselves and their families without concerns of food, shelter and clothing.
A young mother who was abandoned by her ex-military husband found shelter at Georgia's House in July of 2015 with 6 children ages 13, 11, 10, 8, 6, & 4. She had experienced homeless for approximately 2 months. She worked with her case manager to set weekly achievalbe goals. She is a military wife whose husband had recently discharged from the Navy and left the state abandoning her and their children. While at the shelter she was able to to get her Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) in place, her children enrolled in school, transportation set up and with the help of advocacy and support they are all currently living independently. We are happy to say we physically help her move into a 3 bedroom home on October 1, she and her children are settled and moving forward from their time of crisis. This is just the story of one lady, we see this happening often but not often enough. We need your help in order to be here and provide the services needed to ensure changes like this happen on a regular basis.
Georgia's House is a small shelter, new to the community therefore not well known. We do not have a vast number of donors, and our bills and services are the same as others like us in the community. Funding from this event will help to keep the lights on and water flowing. It will allow us to be an active participant in the war against homelessness and poverty.

4846 Auto Center Way
Bremerton , WA 98312

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