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Washington State Science & Engineering Fair (WSSEF)

“Promoting Future Scientists and Engineers” *** Advance the studies of Science and Engineering in grades 1-12 throughout the State of Washington. *** Organize and annually run the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair. *** Assist in providing the opportunity for students throughout the State of Washington to display their projects and be judged at annual Regional Fairs and the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair. *** As an umbrella organization, provide support, advice, and guidance for the operation of local and regional Science and Engineering Fairs throughout Washington State.
WSSEF participation growth steadily continues as proven with a 333% increase over the past five years. That is an outstanding growth for ‘Promoting Future Scientists and Engineers’ to our kids. Kids with a scientific, technology, engineering and math (STEM) focus find out they are not alone – there is a community and scientific network of which they are already a member. In the past year, the WSSEF students were featured in numerous newspaper articles statewide, local television broadcast, Alaska Airlines in-flight magazine and internet journal publications on a global scale. They earned more than $1.8 million in awards and more importantly, they were inspired to continue researching their ideas. The WSSEF collaborated with the five Regional Fairs hosting the top students and their projects to the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF). The WSSEF students were among 1,700 young entrepreneurs, innovators and scientists selected from 77 countries around the world and conversed with Nobel Laureates. When kids participate in the WSSEF they are inspired to excel, to visualize, to dream, to succeed and go beyond society’s norm and their comfort zone into a great world of possibilities. “He worked so hard on his school Science Project and his participation in the Fair was a bit of a whim. We had no idea what he was getting into. But, we had a sense that one who works hard on something should share their results – and in so doing he was rewarded – rewarded mostly by having people who care and really listen to what he did, inquire more deeply and ask probing questions. The judges, the fair-goers and the other scientists!!! Thank you so much for such a positive experience.” ~ G. G., Parent
Your donations provide Washington State’s premiere science and engineering fair venue facilitating more than $1.8 million in 100% donated scholarships, trips, prizes and awards to students’ grades 1-12. Administrative costs are less than 1%. Why? Because WSSEF is volunteer based with 600+ volunteers donating thousands of free labor hours. Join us once and you will revel in the difference your efforts make in the educational future of our students. WSSEF does not carry debt, is not state funded and depends solely on donations and sponsorships. Donate TODAY at the Kitsap Great Give, sponsor an award, volunteer or become a judge!

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