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Valentinetti Puppet Museum

The Valentinetti Puppet Museum celebrates the art of puppetry through creative, historical and cultural experiences for all ages.
We have accomplished our mission by providing museum tours/workshops to over 4,000 visitors: early childhood programs, elementary schools, senior groups, Girl & Boy Scouts, youth groups, tourists, monthly art walks and the general public with positive feedback and comments. Some comments from Children when asked what they liked best: "Playing in the playroom; Shadow puppets were my favorite; All the puppets; I liked trying the shadow puppets on stage; I liked making puppets."
KGG funding will help our museum pay for technology upgrades, for supplies and a stipend for our local puppeteer, for supplies in caring for donated puppets, for buying more puppets for the gift shop, and pay for more advertising.

257 4th St.
Bremerton, WA 98337

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