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Scarlet Road

Through holistic care Scarlet Road offers the hope of freedom to those who have been sexually exploited.
Kim was a young woman who came into our program. She had recently been trafficked by a "boyfriend” who was pimping her out. Boyfriend pimping is the most common form of trafficking, With support she managed to leave the life and was seeking support in that very difficult choice that she had made. Over time, as we got to know her and her story began to unfold, we realized that she had also experienced sexual exploitation at the hands of her caregiver when she was a very young girl, in order to cover her caregiver's lack of rent money. Not only was her trauma layered and complex her needs were complex. 70-90% of women in prostitution have been sexually abused before entering a life of prostitution or exploitation. Kim was supported through Scarlet Road's comprehensive aftercare program and has successfully begun therapy to start working through the many layers of sexual trauma that she has experienced. She has a community of support and accountability to help her along this journey of stepping away from chronic victimization and working towards a new and bright future.
Scarlet Road is very dependent on contributions for our local community! As we have slowly grown our services to women and youth in exploitation, the need has consistently grown. In 2017 we launched even more programs to help provide comprehensive prevention and exit solutions for the women and girls we work with at Scarlet Road to meet the overwhelming demand for support from survivors. We need you help to continue reaching and serving this vulnerable population!

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