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Peninsula Services

Our mission is to provide job training and community employment opportunities for adults with disabilities.
During a one year period, Peninsula Services employed, provided community based work training or placed into community jobs over 150 persons with significant disabilities. In fact, per our contracts with the government, 75% of our own direct labor employees must be persons with disabilities. Community job placements were made with well respected community employers such as Safeway, the YMCA, the ARC, Spiro's, Taco Bell and others. We are proud of our employees and participants and the great work they do in our community.
Funding for vocational programs to aid adults with developmental and other severe disabilities is being cut but at the same time the need is growing. Some studies posit that one in three persons will be touched by autism alone. As children grow up there must be options to help them become valuable, working members of our community. Since 1971 Peninsula Services has met the challenge here in Kitsap County, providing job training and creating in-house and community employment opportunities for thousands of persons with disabilities. Your support will help us to continue to reach out to employers, business owners, advocates and legislators, to help find worthwhile jobs for persons who may have disabilities but who want desperately to work. A job means so much..... it's not just about money, it's about self worth, confidence and dignity. All contributions to Peninsula Services will be used to assist adults with disabilities to move into community employment and a more fulfilling life.

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