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Peacock Family Services

Our vision is that the children of North Kitsap County will reach their full potential, nurtured by families and caregivers who feel supported, informed, and connected. Our mission is to promote the healthy social and emotional development of children by providing nurturing and enriching care and family support.
The average annual cost of childcare in Washington State is $22,997. This is 12% of the median income for the state, a level difficult for low-income families to transcend without help. Each month, we receive enrollment inquiries from families unable to pay full tuition prices. Though every family situation is unique, each request for support holds the same tension between ability, need, and resources. Requests begin the same way, with our office manager answering the door with a smile. One visitor was a young, single mother looking for care for her 5-year-old son. She needed childcare so she could find a job to support the two of them. “Do you take the DSHS subsidies?” she asked, desperate. WA State’s Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) extends financial support to qualifying families. “Yes, we do,” answered the manager. “However, we currently have a waiting list for that support.” “Isn’t there anything for single mothers trying to get ahead?” the woman said with hope draining from her face. The manager explained Peacock’s approach. Government subsidies pay 50% of the tuition, a family’s co-pay contributes at times only $15. The remaining gap between these funds and the true cost of care can be as much as $700 per month. “Peacock raises the funds to fill that gap,” the manager continued as empathy filled her heart. “But we have reached our limit and need more funds first.” Inconsolable, the mom left the Center within giving her name. Later that month, monies from a fundraiser gave us a reason to call the young mother at on the top of the support waiting list. During her waiting time, she had found childcare that worked for her. “I guess that means we are stepping aside for the next one on the list,” she answered. “Glad another family is getting assistance...it's freaking rough out there!” Peacock's core values of inclusiveness, health, and community are at the heart of our work. With continuing support for our programs, we will remain committed to the families throughout our communities.
Peacock relies on community support to fund our tuition assistance program, which supports the gap between DSHS and the true cost of care, and helps those families who are no longer eligible for state assistance but, in the estimation of our partner Helpline House, still require financial assistance to afford childcare. Achieving financial sustainability as a family is one important component in a child's health and well-being; having access to affordable, supportive and attachment-promoting childcare enables parents to work or get more schooling to achieve that goal. In addition, community support helps us to fulfill our vision of serving as a resource hub for North Kitsap County, by connecting families with young children to the breadth and depth of education, support and therapeutic resources that our county has to offer to help the growth and development of children in the critical 0-5 year developmental window.

305 N. Madison Avenue, Suite C
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

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