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Peacock Family Services

Peacock Family Services values inclusiveness, health, and community. Peacock was founded with the belief that access to high quality childcare should not be limited to economically advantaged families. Our mission is to promote the healthy social and emotional development of children by providing nurturing and enriching care and family support. Our vision is that all the children of North Kitsap County will reach their full potential, nurtured by families and caregivers who feel supported, informed, and connected. We strive to be a leader in building healthy communities by combining content-rich early childhood education and care, with meaningful interactions with nature for school-age children, family support services, and parent/teacher education.
Our Early Childhood Development Center serves children ages 1-5 in childcare and preschool programs. Our Nature Nuts outdoor afterschool and day camps engage K-2 grade children in meaningful interactions with nature. Community support and collaboration are critical to making our attachment-promoting care and educational experiences available to a cross-section of the Island's population. Through our commitment to inclusiveness, Peacock offers families a high level of tuition assistance. Our goal is to turn no one away due to a family's financial challenges. A mother with a child in our center recently received a promotion at her position at a local business, news that would have ordinarily been celebrated. However, in this case the raise brought this family to the level of ineligibility, by the smallest of margins, for the government subsidies they relied upon for care. The family was now faced with paying full price for tuition, 4x what they paid with support. Receiving tuition assistance enabled the family to do what is best for their child. The first few years of a child's life are a sensitive developmental period, laying a foundation for cognitive functioning; behavioral, social, self-regulatory capacities; and physical health. Due to the family's financial constraints, many children face various stressors during these critical years that can impair healthy development. Interventions during early childhood years lead to a lifetime of gains, breaking the cycle of inequality that prevails in the lives of so many families. Our Partners for Early Learning workshop series is collaboration of community organizations offering opportunities to bring parents, educators, and caregivers together to share knowledge, skills, and resources that will support our families and learning environments. At the heart of our work are Peacock's core values of inclusiveness, health, and community. We will continue to gain support for our programs, as they demonstrate our commitment to the families throughout our communities.
Peacock relies on community support to fund our tuition assistance program, which supports the gap between DSHS and the true cost of care, and helps those families who are no longer eligible for state assistance but, in the estimation of our partner Helpline House, still require financial assistance to afford childcare. Achieving financial sustainability as a family is one important component in a child's health and well-being; having access to affordable, supportive and attachment-promoting childcare enables parents to work or get more schooling to achieve that goal. In addition, community support helps us to fulfill our vision of serving as a resource hub for North Kitsap County, by connecting families with young children to the breadth and depth of education, support and therapeutic resources that our county has to offer to help the growth and development of children in the critical 0-5 year developmental window.

305 N. Madison Avenue, Suite C
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

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