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One Heart Wild Education Sanctuary

One Heart Wild is an animal sanctuary based, humane education, and professionally qualified animal assisted therapy service organization in Kitsap County~~ Our Mission - To promote the health, well-being and welfare of humans, animals, and nature through mutually beneficial relationships~~ Our Vision - Community that inspires healing, kindness, and advocacy through empathic relationships with all life on earth~~ One heart wild offers a novel trauma informed, science based approach to personal growth and therapy while also honoring our bonds with other social animals. Our "Do No Harm" pledge is equally applied to human and nonhuman animals. Many of the rescued and adopted sanctuary residents have suffered their own trauma and benefit from mutually enjoyable relationships with people~~ Our Funding needs include caring for the sanctuary residents, funding rescue and adoption of high need placements through our work with other nonprofit animal organizations, supporting a thriving sanctuary volunteer program, scholarship fund that eliminates the financial barrier to accessing animal assisted therapy for children-youth-teens-adults and families, Animals & Empathy classroom supplies and transportation costs for student sanctuary visit, Teens Breathe in Nature supplies and transportation for at-risk teens, and three current projects: chicken coop expansion so we can take in more chickens in need, construct a shelter for our adopted rescue pig Wilbur, and the construction of an environmentally friendly composting system. ~~ Schedule a tour through our website~~ Volunteer to care for the animals, work in our humane education programs, or any aspect of administration~~ Bring your work or military group out for a service day~~ We invite individuals and referrals from all walks of life, to learn about themselves by participating in experiential non-riding, social, emotional and relational skill building activities with horses and other sanctuary residents. ~~ Scholarship, sliding scale, insurance billing available.
I partner with horses and other social animals to provide Experiential Self Development and Psychotherapy. People ask me “how it works” and what sessions are like at the sanctuary. It has been a profound journey for me as a clinician to partner with nonhuman beings who are able to reach a human being in a way that is beyond human capability. Whether 2 or 4 legged we understand each other through the language of emotion and the science of trans-species psychology. The sanctuary residents demonstrate the power of healing that can occur when one is provided safety, nurturance, community, understanding and awareness that each being has a history, a story and their own individual needs. We observe improved resilience when one discovers their ability to connect in the flock, in the herd, in the family, within community. Sam (not his real name), is a 9 year old autistic boy who showed up for his first session terrified and uncertain of this new experience. With time, space and understanding he taught us what it meant for him to be a friend to chickens, a dog, a cat and a horse and to trust his ability to connect in those relationships. During Sam’s last visit he spotted Tigger cat in a tree. Sam pointed out that Tigger was in distress and needed our help. Sam and I worked out a plan to get him down safely. With insight and empathy Sam remained completely calm and grounded, focused on what would be best for Tigger. Then Sam shared an idea he had. He said he wished we could put something on animals so that we could understand them and what they wanted to say. A powerful statement from a boy who has struggled to be understood by his own species including educators, doctors, human service providers; only to be labeled as having behavioral issues. Through a connection with the nonhuman animals, Sam was able to explore and find confidence in new relational skills and experience the universal language of emotion that exists human to human and across social species. Brenda Newell, LICSW
It is a privilege to be a part of Kitsap Great Give. It allows us to join a philanthropic movement within our own community, to have the opportunity to educate our community about the important services we offer our children, youth, teens and families, and it expands our connections to individuals and businesses who are like minded in the desire to be of service.

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