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Olympic Peninsula Area Special Olympics Washington

Mission of Special Olympics Washington is to build communities and Leads in Wellness through Sports and Inclusion. The Area and Kitsap County teams have sports programs year round, with Unified Sports that include all persons who want to participate with the athletes. Athlete Leadership makes this an athlete lead organization, working toward a Wellness and Healthy Athlete program to include health agencies and providers for the benefit of athletes who cannot afford regular checkups and health issues. Starting a Young Athlete Program to include 2 to 7 year old athletes of all abilities, striving to introduce children of all abilities to sports and new friends.
Winter Season we had 2 teams in Basketball and the Ice Skating Team attend Winter State Games to represent the Olympic Peninsula Area all teams were from Kitsap County, BKATS.
The funding will help us spend more time with the athletes doing sports, tournaments and social interaction, and some much needed updates to equipment and uniforms.

14304 92nd Ave NW
Suite 442
Wauna, WA 98395

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