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Olympic Neighbors

Creating Home and Community for People with Developmental Disabilities Way of life... Olympic Neighbors residents focus on stewardship of their house by participating in work parties and household duties. We foster an environment where ALL have a place to thrive. A place where we can work together, and for each other, while developing individual independence. Members of the house will be responsible for the care, beauty, maintaining and running of the home. They support each other in the daily work and create a unique social culture, which includes a focus on community.
We have completed the renovation of a neighborhood home that will house 6 adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Through community fundraising efforts and over 500 volunteer hours, the “Hamilton House” is completed. HH will be home to two women and four men with developmental disabilites after it obtains State Licensing in February 2018. Two residents currently reside with the support Olympic Neighbor Care Partners. One resident moved out of an isolated home and said he likes his new house and roomates better. Chris is proud of his independence, but living alone has sometimes been too lonely. "I've spent a lot of holidays on my own and I didn't like it." Sharing an Adult Family Home with other people living with developmental disabilities will add new opportunities for companionship to his life. "I'm not going to be by myself on Christmas this year. Good! There'd better be something good to eat, too." He says he is glad of the company, but doesn't want to give up his independence, either. Olympic Neighbors focuses on serving more than just the residents of HH through our community inclusion and recreation programs like “Bike Buddies” and “Spinners”. These programs provide opportunity for meeting old and new friends in a fun and healthy activity. They are a platform where participants can try a new activity to build self confidence, meet new people in the community, foster natural friendships, increase their physical activity level which promotes better overall physical and mental health, and reduced their level of isolation.
All clients residing at Hamilton House are state supported through Social Security and Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) funding. The funding is prescribed by individual assessment by DDA and an allocated amount by Social Security. Based on market research, this funding only meets two-thirds of the overall cost to provide services in the Adult Family Home setting. In order to make up for this gap in funding, Olympic Neighbors plans to utilize the following strategies: fund raising events, grant requests, family cost sharing, planned giving, and annual appeal. Funding from the Kitsap Great Give will help Olympic Neighbors make up for this gap in funding.

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