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North Kitsap Trails Association

Our mission at the North Kitsap Trail Association (NKTA) is to unite North Kitsap County with a regional system of land and water trails that promotes stewardship of natural resources and enhances our communities' livability. Our vision is to connect North Kitsap communities with trails and provide opportunities for walking, biking, paddling, observing wildlife, horseback riding and non-motorized transportation.
A major NKTA goal is to establish the Sound to Olympic's Trail (STO) connecting the Hood Canal Bridge to North Kitsap communities. In order to obtain trail "right of ways" we collaborated with Kitsap County, the Kitsap Forest and Bay Project and several other organizations to acquire 535 acres along Gamble Bay's shoreline providing 1.5 miles for the STO, Next we worked to expand the North Kitsap Heritage Park which provided another mile of trail, We worked on funding to purchase property for the critical STO Grover's Creek crossing. NKTA led the creation of a Conceptual Port Gamble Trail Plan which includes a 200 acre bike park and a trail connection into Port Gamble. Finally we collaborated on a plan to obtain $3.5 million for several phases of STO trail planning and construction on Bainbridge Island. This was a year of significant accomplishments but there is more work needed to create trails and to preserve 6000 more acres for public use.
NKTA is working to acquire and develop key trail corridors which allow major trail connections from the Kingston Ferry to the Port Gamble Trails and support the Sound to Olympics trail building effort.

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