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Kitsap Sexual Assault Center

The mission of Kitsap Sexual Assault Center is to alleviate as much as possible the trauma resulting from sexual abuse and other violent crimes by providing counseling, support, advocacy, education and by helping to bring about social change.
Twelve year old MJ sat shyly in the therapist’s office at KSAC trying to pull her sweater sleeves over the cigarette burn scars on her left arm. It had been several months since MJ’s mother had contacted the crisis line provided by KSAC after MJ decided to tell her mother that her step father had been molesting her and he had been burning her arm with cigarettes to show her that she could not tell anyone about what he was doing. When he started to go into her little sisters room after leaving her, MJ decided that she had to protect her sister. MJ and her mother were introduced to an advocate, who established a safe environment for MJ and her family. While the advocate addressed the trauma associated with pursuing the legal remedy for her abuse, MJ was referred to a KSAC therapist who began comprehensive, trauma based therapy designed to help MJ come to terms with the long range effects of her experience.
The Great Give funding will help our agency to provide the needed services to victims of sexual assault.& other crimes.

P. O. Box 1936
600 Kitsap Street, Ste. 103
Port Orchard, WA 98366

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