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Kitsap Applied Technologies

Promoting Employment Opportunities for Disabled Veterans and Adults with Developmental Disabilities.
A SUCCESS STORY WORTH HEARING ABOUT J.J. was quiet and isolated. When he entered the Veteran Education and Skills Training (V.E.S.T.) Program there was a lot of work to do. Veterans typically come to this program with baggage from active service and quite often diagnosed with varying degrees of P.T.S.D. or other cognitive disorders pursuant to their military service. Such disabilities either distract one from concentration or throw them into detachment, indifference, non-motivation and an insomnious existence. He spoke at length with his Vocational Resource Counselor at Veterans Affairs. She concluded he was more than 60% disabled, despondent, and having trouble deciding what he wants to do with himself. His prognosis was anything but bright. She noted that his assessment of interest, aptitudes, and abilities were inconclusive in identifying a suitable career path. His service connected disability impaired his ability to find and hold employment or to use the skills already acquired. She concluded that services offered through KATs V.E.S.T. program may be the answer to his dilemma. She recommended he look into the program to determine if it would help him focus on his strengths and facilitate options that he could work with in mapping out the rest of his future. It did. Thanks to the support structure provided to him through the V.E.S.T. program he was able to find work within his physical and emotional capabilities and consistent with his pattern of abilities aptitudes and interest. Today J.J. works as a team member within a work group as a Laminator for airplanes built by Boeing. He has high self-confidence, loves his work, and is motivated to improve his life. He believes it was the entire network of supporters, including, KAT, the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment network at the Department of Veteran Affairs that got him to the place he now enjoys. KAT works with Veteran Affairs and other organizations to attain successful vocational engagement. At KAT we manufacture success stories.
Our programming is in need of outside support and funding. We are very small but have served our targeted population for 33 years. We hope the Great Give will give us the shot-in-the-arm we need. Helping others takes resources. Charitable donations to KAT will help develop work stations, individual-Centered Service Planning, Design, and Delivery, Employment Services Coordination and adaptive equipment for the individuals we serve.

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