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Holly Ridge Center

Holly Ridge Center serves children and adults with differing abilities reach their fullest potential, creating a positive and lasting impact on the community. With more than 53 years of highly specialized experience serving children and adults throughout the Kitsap and North Mason County.
Riley's Story: Riley started services at Holly Ridge Center when he was 18 months old. He was delayed in expressive communication and only knew how to communicate through grunts and screams. He was also challenged by a great fear of strangers and being separated from his parents. Riley's journey at Holly Ridge Center started with the Little Tykes program where Riley started to learn about a classroom setting and routine. He also began to learn sign language to help him communicate. At age 2, Riley entered a developmental playgroup where he began to learn about sharing, making friends, and transitioning from one classroom activity to another. With the help of the amazing educators and speech therapists Riley, continued to grow in his use of signs and began to use words to communicate. The team at Holly Ridge also worked very hard at forming a special bond with Riley. These trusting relationships helped him to spend progressively more time in class by himself without a parent present in the classroom. At 3 years old, Riley graduated from services at Holly Ridge. He now attends preschool and has the confidence to attend a whole session without worry that his parents won’t come back for him. He speaks in full sentences and has grown immensely thanks to his time at Holly Ridge Center. David's Story:David came to Holly Ridge with a love of books and a desire for employment. Upon meeting with our Adult Employment Services Program, our Employment Consultants harnessed David’s love of books into Community Based Assessment (CBA) at the Bremerton Liberty Bay Books bookstore. Throughout this assessment, David’s specific abilities allowed the store manager to focus on her other duties. Our Employment Consultants worked with the store manager to customize a position that matches David’s needs and skillset, as well as creating a solution to the needs of the store. Throughout his time at Liberty Bay Books, David and participated in a “Where’s Waldo” event, handing out game cards to children outside the store.
Holly Ridge is in the process of purchasing a new building to increase impact by responding to growing demand for services. Acquisition and occupation of the permanent new home for Holly Ridge Center will add new space which enabling our youth and adult programs to thrive. Awareness of and advocacy for Kitsap and North Mason County’s populations of adults and children with differing abilities will be elevated through relocation to a highly visible, permanent location on a main thoroughfare. Historically, Holly Ridge Center’s operations and services have been located in a rural setting. Colocation of staff will promote cross team collaboration, maximize efficiencies and contribute to Holly Ridge’s ability to serve the greater Kitsap and North Mason communities. Children: Children birth to three diagnosed with autism or other physical or neurological disabilities and inclusive of medically fragile infants will benefit from the acquisition of an expanded permanent home for Holly Ridge’s service delivery in the areas of: 1) Comprehensive evaluations and assessments; 2) Individual therapies provided by occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech language pathologists; 3) Highly specialized autism specific treatment; 4) Family support services, including but not limited to: parent support, parent education, case management and coordination, connection and referral to community resources including infant mental health. Adults: Holly Ridge Center serves and supports a diverse population of adults and their families. A permanent home in the new building will provide visibility, accessibility, routine and consistency. Access is an essential element for success with our adult clients. Adult Employment Services will expand to include an Independent Living Component which will provide clients the necessary support, skills and resources to live independently as active members of our community.

5112 NW Taylor Road
Bremerton, WA 98312

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