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Helpline House

Helpline House offers an umbrella of social services and invites the community to become part of a circle of giving and receiving help. Neighbor helping neighbor, one neighbor at a time.
Leona*, a 35 years old with a 14 year old daughter, had moved to Bainbridge Island from the South with Andy*, her boyfriend. Leona worked from home and Andy was a server at a restaurant on Bainbridge Island. Leona reported that initially things were going well until her wages were garnished for unpaid student debt. Then, Andy’s wages dropped due to the lack of available hours at the restaurant. Our social worker assisted Leona to get on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and signed the family up for our food bank. A referral was made to American Financial Solutions in Silverdale to get help consolidating past medical bills, credit cards, and student loan debt into manageable payment schedules. Helpline House paid for one half of a month’s rent for Leona and Andy to give them time to reorganize their debt and to get caught up as much as they could. *Names changed to protect privacy
This funding allows us to provide immediate assistance to families that are struggling with daily hurdles that can throw off any households that may experience unexpected trauma or financial distress.

282 Knechtel Way NE
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

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