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Flotsam and Jetsam Garden Club of Hansville

To educate members through expert speakers, field trips and workshops on gardening; to support local and regional efforts in preservation, conservation, and beautification; to fund scholarships and grants for students and projects in horticultural-related fields; and to strengthen the Hansville Community through social and charitable activities.
Awarded scholarships to 4 students studying in the fields of fisheries, botany, biological sciences for habitat restoration and water quality. Support through funding, giving of time and talent to the native plant garden and the community cemetery. Philanthropy through chartable giving to foster children, and YWCA families. We support the Kingston Food Bank with fresh produce and cash.
To increase, diversify, and stabilize the club budget to widen various educational services such as horticultural demonstrations, support of community gardens, maintenance and beautification of Hansville Cemetery, grants and scholarships in horticultural/environmental fields.

6778 Buck Lake Rd NE
Hansville, WA 98340

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