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Cribs for Kids

•To advocate as a group for infant safe sleep with a simple, clear message. •To promote safe sleep environments through strong standards for cribs, bassinets and play yards and to advocate for safe products. •To advocate for national and state legislation that promotes and supports better infant death investigations, better data collection, and better infant safe sleep education. •To be a source for the most recent statistics and studies on infant suffocation and entrapment injuries and deaths. •To respond to bedsharing advocates and media depictions of unsafe sleep environments with information about infant safe sleep, and back it up with accurate statistics and current studies. •To be a repository of materials used across the country (brochures, videos, public service announcements, power point presentations, legislation) to avoid duplicative efforts. •To be a watchdog for products that have been/should be recalled for safety issues, or for false claims of preventing SIDS. •To determine why certain groups do not comply with safe sleep recommendations and create a national social marketing campaign that works. •To partner with the Federal Government on a national infant safe sleep campaign.
Since we have started this partnership with Cribs for Kids (2012), the number of crib related deaths have reduced significantly!
The Kitsap Great Give will provide cribs to those families who cannot afford one as well as it will give great exposure to this important program.

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