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Children of the Nations

Children of the Nations partners with nationals to provide holistic, Christ-centered care for orphaned and destitute children, enabling them to create positive and lasting change in their nations. Children of the Nations sees itself as a "movement of people" gathered by God to provide quality care to children under His guidance. He has created a worldwide body of people with a common passion to care for children.
Before he was seven years old, David Samuel worked like an adult. His parents had died, so he lived with his grandmother, but she was financially unable to care for him. So David did what he could to support them both. He purchased plastic bags and used them to help merchants and customers carry their goods on market day. The rest of the week, David cared for villagers’ cattle in the fields. They paid him in food. On cold nights, David’s grandmother would cover him up with a sweatshirt because they didn’t have blankets. “Life was really difficult,” David says, “but I thought, you know, that’s how people live, that’s how probably I will live for the rest of my life.” One day, some Americans came to David’s village and started a vacation Bible school. It was 1999, the beginning of COTN’s ministry in Malawi. Through the VBS program, David was identified as a child in great need and was invited to join COTN’s new Children’s Home. David still remembers the date—September 20, 1999—when he walked into his new home. He was overwhelmed. There was carpet on the floor, beds, and he had to learn how to use a toilet. The rushing sound of the water terrified him. David struggled to adjust to his new life, but he says, “I saw God working in me every day.” David also started going to school, where he excelled. He went on to attend one of the best high schools in Malawi and graduated from the Catholic University of Malawi with a bachelor’s degree in social science in political leadership. “I see myself now and think, oh my gosh, I’ve really come so far,” David says. The boy who herded cattle now interns for Citizens for Justice, a government organization working to improve governance and social, economic, and environmental rights in Malawi. David is one of many COTN children, now all grown up, who are making strides into the future of their countries thanks to God’s grace and your generosity! As David says, “When God says yes, it is a promise.”
Funding from the Great Give will help provide holistic care for children living in poverty in Africa and the Caribbean. This includes medical care, food, education, counseling, Christian discipleship, and more.

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