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Celebrate Life Parenting and Pregnancy Support Services

We exist for the purpose of making our local community aware of the importance of every human life! It is our desire to support, encourage and educate the people for the sake of the preservation of life, as well as the quality of life! We educate through training classes for; Pregnancy, Parenting, Couples, Nutrition, etc. We supply through many sources free material assistance (baby items specifically, other items as we are able) to families, singles parents, grandparents raising grandchildren.
Supplying material assistance to struggling families in today's economy is always a blessings. Meeting the needs of a newly licensed foster couple that did not anticipate the immediate use of their license, we received a call to provide items to an almost panicked couple that were about to embark on a much anticipated journey that would need to include things like car seats, and beds for a baby and a two year old that would be coming in a matter of days! Such an amazing feeling to offer to someone immediate access to items that aren't necessarily affordable for them but required in order to provide the right environment necessary for a newly formed family. This is what we do!
Supporting all kinds of families in need in our community including families struggling to meet some of the costs of raising children, include destitute families, single moms, single dads, and grandparents raising grandchildren, our hope is to impact those with our free services to include pregnancy testing and consultation, clothing for children to size 5t, maternity clothing, parenting classes, couples counseling, marriage counseling and nutrition information as well as refer to other agencies in our area for help.

510 Dekalb Street Suite F
PO Box 1691
Port Orchard, WA 98366

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