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Bremerton United Methodist Church

Bremerton United Methodist Church is an inclusive, mission oriented church deeply committed to issues of social justice and compassion for our neighbors and community- especially those most in need
Tutoring and Family Support Program for public schools involving 13 student, 18 tutors, and 25 support people. Public "Tough Issues" forums. Feed, clothing, finances, emergency, and other support for homeless and those in need. Meeting space for foster parents, preschool, CPR classes, and many more. A beacon of hope reservoir of love and helping hands.
1. Strengthen and expand our community outreach and services. 2. Renovate the entrance and sanctuary into a more accommodating space for public events especially for those with physical disabilities. 3. Hire Director of Family Ministries.

1150 Marine Drive
Bremerton, WA 98312

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