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To create innovative opportunities and provide services that will enhance the ability of communities to meet the affordable housing, homewonership and community services needs of citizens of our community.
Each year, BASIC supports residents in Public Housing with essential components in building strong families and youth ready to meet a bright future. Connections to resources, providing onsite parenting workshops, classes that teach how to complete a resume and field trips to colleges to explore career opportunities are just some of the foundational steps BASIC empowers residents to make in their personal goals of self-sufficiency. Finding affordable housing is challenging and often families have had significant hurdles to jump before they have even walked through the front door. After being housed, stabilization becomes the key concern. This is when BASIC moves into action. A group of teens participated in a goal-setting workshop during the fall of last year. They participated in mock interviews, learned about financial aid, and then attended a field trip to Western Washington University, where they were able to have a taste of the college experience. When these teens began the workshop, some were unsure about how to set goals, and whether they wanted to attend college. Now, they are all passionate about getting good grades and they see the connection between working hard in high school and being admitted to a university. They all want to go to college. This is an example of how BASIC empowers residents to find their dreams and work towards their goals.
Funds that support BASIC go directly to supportive services that assist families in building a framework for stabilization. Sometimes that means having staff provide transportation to help a resident apply for an ORCA card or purchasing new school supplies for children in a family that has a zero income, but it always means providing a bridge for our community that leads to opportunities and increased resilience and hope. The funds raised will also support existing youth programs like Homework Club and Teen Challenge, that engage children with their community and help them learn. The Kitsap Great Give helps our organization to fund what is most essential in innovative ways. This past year we were able to provide poetry and hip-hop workshop for teen residents and others in the community, which culminated in the teens recording their original work and performing in front of a live audience. In 2017 BASIC is planning an expansion of our services including a community garden and computer classes. The Kitsap Great Give is an extension of community support that helps our programs continue and grow so that families can excel.

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